Working at U-NEXT

We at U-NEXT value the autonomy of all our employees. For that reason, rather than managing our teams, we encourage each of their members to take the initiative and act as they see the best fit: Freedom, trust, responsibility, and self-discipline—that is what it means to work at U-NEXT.



    At U-NEXT, we have enacted a flexible-hours schedule without any core time. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, employees are free to work according to their convenience and preference.

    (Note: Some departments have a certain amount of core hours.)


    Sidelining Possible

    Contrary to many Japanese companies, U-NEXT allows its employees to work on the side:

    - We believe it aids in building an equal relationship between the company and its employees where everybody sees eye to eye.

    - We are convinced that an improvement in personal careers directly leads to increased diversity for the whole company.

    - And ultimately, we strive to provide a work environment that allows our employees to be free and make their own choices.

    While a prior application is required, in general, the company will not deny any requests. (Note: Of course, specific rules do apply.)


    Remote Work

    In consideration of the most recent developments and conditions, U-NEXT strongly encourages its staff to work remotely. Except for certain business operations, such as customer support, we practice a location-agnostic working style, which allows most of our employees to work almost entirely remotely.

Benefits at U-NEXT

The following paragraph gives a simplified overview of U-NEXT’s benefit programs, which range from standard perks and benefits for the subsidiary of a listed corporation to the ones that are somewhat unique to a tech company:
    For all employees
    • Complete social insurance coverage
    • Maternity leave
    • Child/family care leave system
    • Reduced working hours (for child/family care)
    • Employee stock ownership
    • Defined-contribution pension
    • Property accumulation/installment savings
    • Group insurance
    • Congratulatory and condolence money
    • Full compensation for transportation expenses (up to 180,000 yen for six months)
    • Subsidy of moving expenses (up to 300,000 yen for long-distance relocation upon company entry)
    • Full allowance for the purchase of work-related software
    • Full support for the attendance of external training and seminars
    • Supply of a company smartphone
    • Free snacks & drinks at the office
    • Discount on a gym membership in cooperating sports facilities
    • Health check-up and comprehensive medical examination
    • Ticket discount for large-scale amusement parks
    • Discount for selected members-only resort facilities (e.g., TOKYU Harvest, Resorttrust)
    For engineers
    • High-end PC
    • Large display and additional second display
    • Height-adjustable desk
    • Full subsidy for the purchase of specific tech gadgets (e.g., keyboards)
    • Total allowance for the purchase of technical books