How We Hire

We understand recruitment as a chance for U-NEXT to get to know you, and at the same time, for you to get to know U-NEXT. We place a special emphasis on dialogue in our hiring process so that all parties involved can better understand each other's goals and needs.

Entry & Screening Process

First of all, please feel free to apply—everybody is welcome, disregarding their background, career level, and past experiences. We try to speak directly with as many applicants as possible, but please understand there might be a chance that we are unable to meet your wishes.

Interview (multiple rounds)

In addition to the screening process, we may set up casual face-to-face meetings with our employees. If you are applying for a position in the creative field, such as designer, we will look at your portfolio during the interview. You may also be asked to complete a reference check during the selection process.

Job Offer

Once all hurdles are finally cleared, we will provide you with a set of conditions explicitly tailored to your case. In case you are satisfied with our offer, we welcome you to our ranks. (Note: If you are currently employed, your starting date is negotiable.)

Frequently Asked Questions

About application and selection

  • Where will my interview take place?

    Interviews usually take place at our head office in Tokyo. However, depending on the circumstances, online interviews are also possible.
  • How long is my interview scheduled to go?

    Interviews usually take between 30 and 60 minutes. In some cases, 90 minutes may be suggested for the second and subsequent rounds of interviews.
  • I live far away/overseas, can I do an online interview?

    Absolutely! We can conduct an online interview using video communication systems such as Google Meet.
  • Are there any rules or restrictions on what I should wear or bring with me for the interview?

    Feel free to wear whatever you want. Your outfit will not affect the selection process in any way, so please come dressed in a way that allows you to stay relaxed and comfortable while we talk. If you are applying for a position in the creative field (e.g., designer), please prepare a portfolio or other form of documentation that shows your accomplishments.
  • What level of language proficiency is required?

    The required language skills (Japanese and English) may vary depending on the position, so please refer to the corresponding info on the job listing you are applying for.
  • I received a job offer in the past but declined it due to various reasons. Is it possible to apply again?

    Sure! Your application is always welcome.
  • I haven't graduated from college, can I still apply?

    If you have a practical background equivalent to a college degree, we will take that into account during our selection process, so please apply first. Also, some job openings accept high school or technical college graduates, too.
  • I'm not sure which job opening I should apply for. Is it possible to apply for more than one position?

    In recruitment, in addition to the applicant's ability, aptitude, and intentions, there is also the aspect of supply and demand. For this reason, we strive to aid you in identifying the position that is best fits you throughout our selection process. As a first step, please apply for the one position that interests you the most.
  • Do you recruit new graduates?

    At this point, we do not specifically focus on recruiting new graduates. Please take a look at the list of job openings and apply for the position that best suits your desires and skills.

About working conditions, performance evaluation and work style

  • What are your working hours?

    We have introduced a flextime system without any core hours in which a standard workday is eight hours. (However, in case your team has regular meetings, etc., special rules may apply.)
  • Where is your office located?

    Currently, U-NEXT has business locations in Tokyo and several regional cities. The majority of our posts are based in Tokyo, but we occasionally recruit for our other locations as well. Please refer to the corresponding info on the job listing you are applying for.
  • Can you tell me about your holidays/vacations?

    U-NEXT has a five-day workweek. Other holidays/vacations are as follows:
    - National holidays
    - Paid vacation (two days granted upon company entry with eight days added after three months)
    - Summer vacation
    - New Year's holiday
    - Leave of absence for congratulation or condolence. etc.
  • Can you tell me about your salary system?

    At U-NEXT, we have an annual-based salary system in which you will receive one-twelfth (1/12) of it every month. The compensation system, commonly known as a "bonus" in Japan, was not well received by employees with overseas work experience because of its low transparency and fluctuation risk at the management's convenience. For this reason, U-NEXT discontinued the bonus system in 2018.
  • Can you tell me about your performance evaluation system?

    U-NEXT has introduced an evaluation system to reward employees' contributions, such as: Salary increases based on job performance. No limit for how much your salary increases. Absolute evaluation in light of the market value.
  • Is it possible to have a side business or second job?

    Yes. While prior application will be required to better understand the actual situation from a labor perspective, in general, the company will not deny any requests.
  • Is it possible to work remotely?

    We have introduced remote work to flexibly respond to the life situation and circumstances of our employees, such as childcare and nursing care. During pandemic situations and other states of emergency, all employees work remotely as a basic rule.
  • Can you tell me about your technical equipment (PC, etc.)?

    For engineering positions: We will provide you the latest hardware complete with your preferred specifications (monitor size, OS, keyboard). For all other positions: You will be provided with one of the latest high-end computers. It is also possible to use multiple monitors.
    (Note: We may propose certain devices for you depending on your position.)

About training and support

  • Do you offer any sort of training?

    Since the industry that we are operating in is both fast and ever-changing, the ability and willingness to learn on your own is a crucial prerequisite for applicants. For the same reason, there is no standardized training designated by the company. However, outside training can be provided at the company's expense if it benefits on-the-job performance. (We have a lot of experience in providing this kind of assistance.)
  • Do you offer support for new employees who relocate?

    To ensure a smooth onboarding process for our employees, we offer the following support options. (Note: Detailed information will be provided with your job offer.)
    - If you are moving to Japan from overseas:
    We assist in obtaining a visa, moving, booking airline tickets, housing arrangements, etc.
    - If you are moving inside Japan:
    We can provide support for moving costs, transportation, and accommodation for applicants who meet specific requirements.
  • Do you offer assistance concerning employees' life events?

    Below you can find some of the services we currently provide:
    - Support for maternity leave, childcare leave, and nursing care leave
    - Support for congratulatory and condolence events