Creating the "U-NEXT Experience" of the future from a thoroughly subscriber-focused perspective.

Creating a great user experience isn't just about executing a marketing campaign or adding features to your service. It's essential to keep all elements intertwined and to the latest standards. U-NEXT has five primary teams/sections working together to improve our user experience.

Product Planning & Development

From conceptualization to requirements organization, project management, planning, launch, and maintenance: You will have a variety of responsibilities for the release of our products, including negotiating with stakeholders, managing resources, and prioritizing tasks.

Product Design

From onboarding to discovering and enjoying new content: You will be responsible for designing a series of user experiences—ranging from TV and mobile devices to the web and VR headsets, our prototyping, and output overlap across a multitude of platforms.

Customer Insight

Validate user images and concepts, and report your findings on user perspectives to other teams: Collaborating with data scientists and engineers to analyze a combination of both quantitative and qualitative data, you will be responsible for exploring who is using our services and how.

Brand Creative

Lead U-NEXT's brand and communication development: You will be in charge of creative production, including web, video, print, and other advertising and promotional tools for users and subscribers, gift cards sold at convenience stores, guidelines for external use, etc.

Customer Support

In digital services, nothing is more important than user feedback: The customer support team works closely with our other sections to ensure that user feedback is immediately reflected in our services.