Supporting U-NEXT's growth by interacting with our content, service, and subscribers.

U-NEXT has three main sections for business. Each of them is working together daily to achieve our primary goal: increasing the value of our brand.


Procurement of Content, Organizational Planning, etc.

This section performs a variety of tasks related to the content you can enjoy on U-NEXT. Not only does this type of work often involve detailed coordination and difficult negotiations with content rights holders, but it also requires both a deep understanding of a broad spectrum of content genres and a general passion for our products.


Corporate Planning, Public Relations, Legal, etc.

We have professionals in a variety of fields, from members in charge of business planning and designing to legal experts. Many of our employees work across multiple different fields surrounding their area(s) of expertise.


Marketing Operations Aiming at Increasing Subscribers

In addition to planning and implementing digital marketing strategies, this section aims to increase U-NEXT's number of subscribers by utilizing a multitude of ideas and media channels, including tie-up promotions with business partners such as movie theaters and home appliance stores.